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Calculates some summaries and the WoE (Weight of Evidence) between a binary outcome and a given predictor variable. Used to biuld the dictionary.


woe_table(predictor, outcome, Laplace = 1e-06, call = rlang::caller_env(0))



A atomic vector, usualy with few distinct values.


The dependent variable. A atomic vector with exactly 2 distinct values.


The pseudocount parameter of the Laplace Smoothing estimator. Default to 1e-6. Value to avoid -Inf/Inf from predictor category with only one outcome class. Set to 0 to allow Inf/-Inf.


The execution environment of a currently running function, e.g. caller_env(). The function will be mentioned in error messages as the source of the error. See the call argument of rlang::abort() for more information.


a tibble with counts, proportions and woe. Warning: woe can possibly be -Inf. Use 'Laplace' arg to avoid that.


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